This is not a game…

As we enter into this new world, I have been… lenient.  After all, it is a big change from the “normal” day to day of our lives.  I was allowing for adjustment and reminding her when she would break the rules (I, myself do not have them memorized).  I am not someone who feels that anger will resolve anything nor will yelling or getting upset.  A clear mind is sharp and capable of the actions that emotions prevent us from committing.

My work is often frustrating and that can be multiplied by my want to never leave anything to rest.  However I have learned that getting upset will not resolve anything, you are far more productive when you are capable of meeting a problem straight on with a level head.

To this point, my actions have been moderated by the immaturity of the change in our lifestyle.

Yesterday’s events ended that.  Going forward we will be celebrating the Master/servant (D/s) role and the rules will be followed.   Success in following the rules will be rewarded earnestly.  Failure and disobedience will not be tolerated.

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