BDSM Can be Expensive!

One thing about BDSM is you can really spend some money getting all the toys you want.  First you start out with rope, maybe some anal toys, vibrators, and clamps… then it just goes from there!

One of the things we have found is that the local hardware store can be a great place to pick up your favorite tools of pleasure (I did not include any dildos attached to power saws, there are safe ways to do that and really dangerous ways to do that – do not, DO NOT put a dildo over a saw blade).

The pipe areas of your favorite hardware store are the focus of this post.  For under thirty dollars we have built a hogtie kit, two spreader bars, and a T spreader (to be attached to her collar and thighs).  It was a little more to get the wrist/ankle cuffs but those can be detached and used anywhere.  I am a fan of the cheap carabiners you can find in the hardware stores (although do not suspend anyone with them – buy climbing rated ones for that).  They are cheap and easy to use in multiple places.

The T-bar is black pipe with threaded ends.  I drilled a hole through the end of the long piece and attached a carbiner to connect to the neck.

The spreader bars (only one shown) should be set to be wide enough to keep the submissive open but not [too] uncomfortable.  They are made by combining a closed hook and a steel rod.  You can use concrete anchors inside the rod to connect a sleeve nut which you then screw the hook into.

The hogtie is made the same way.  Get a PVC cross, put 4 pieces of about 4 inch pipe into it and then anchor a hook onto each end.

The last thing you will want to do with any metal is to polish it up with some steel wool and soap/water.

T-Spreader Spreader Bar Hog Tie

Total cost will be 20 – 50 bucks (Depends where you shop).  Time invested is probably about an hour to build them all.

Another fun toy (when used correctly) can be the pinwheel.  Used to test response and stimulation it can be pleasurable or painful…


Be creative in your toy making!  Get out there and see what the hardware store can offer you for much less than the cost of a pre-made device.  The best part is that it allows you to think about the size and flexibility of your submissive as you make your decisions.

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