Wild Thoughts

It is a rare instance that i have the house to myself; everyone is off doing their various things and i have a bit of time to enjoy.  He has been gone for a week and the aching that has been with me since then has reached a point that i can no longer bear.  i could easily call Him and ask for His permission to pleasure myself; He’d love nothing better to know that i am doing so.  But i am feeling feisty today and looking to maybe test a limit.  No one needs to know; He won’t be home for a while now; i can easily take care of it and get on with my day.

i go upstairs to the bedroom and rifle through the toybox until i find the dildo.  i remove my panties and skirt and settle myself on the bed.  At first i lay there playing with myself; rubbing my clit and then sticking a finger deep inside.  i think about Him there, touching me all over, using me as He wishes, whispering all that He wants to do to me.  My thoughts float to what He has done to me thus far and i find the ache growing; the need to let it go.

Slowly i fill myself with the dildo, a slow in and out as my desire builds; i can feel myself almost to the top then suddenly i hear a creak.  i whip around and find Him standing in the doorway; a small smile on His lips but it stops there.  His eyes are hard and His gaze is penetrating; i feel a knot form in my stomach as i try to gauge His reaction.  He comes over to the bed and takes the dildo from my hand, slowly shaking His head and saying, “Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“Oh my, are you doing what i think you are doing?  Pleasuring yourself without my permission?  Again??  Well, i can see that you are just a dirty slut and it looks like i need to remind you once again that your pleasure, your body, your orgasms belong to me.”

i try to explain but His look stops me.  Silently He goes into the closet and gets out the toybox, i find myself being collared and then He brings out the blindfold.  As he slips it over my head He comes close and whispers, “Remember I love you but you must learn that you and all that you are belong to me.  I will not have you disobey me on this.”  and i am in darkness.

He cuffs my hand together and raises them above my head.  i am tied to the head of the bed.  He cuffs my ankles with the spreader bar and i feel him raise my legs into the air until i am completely exposed.  He ties the bar to the headboard as well so that my legs are bent but i cannot move.

i feel the weight on the bed shift; i hear him walk away and i try to figure out if He is still in the room or not.  After what seems like an eternity i feel something cold slide into me; i struggle to move away but i find i cannot go far and a solid smack with the riding crop stills me.  He has chilled the glass dildo and is now torturing me with it in a slow and methodical manner.  The contrast of the temperature is almost more than i can bear but i find my body betraying me as always and responding to the rhythmic in and out.  Quickly i find myself reaching the edge of release; i moan, i cry out, “Master, may i cum?”

He laughs, “Oh no, no, no my little slut. You needed to cum so badly that you were willing to defy my wishes; well i am going to teach you once and for all that you will not cum without my permission, when I decide you may.  Do you understand?”

i can’t answer, the agony is too great, i moan again and feel a sharp sting as the riding crop hits my ass.  “Answer me, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master”, i whisper.

I can hear Him chuckle softly to Himself. For a few moments longer He keeps me at the edge then suddenly i feel the cold glass gone and i hear the hum of the vibrator.  It takes its place inside of me and then i feel another hum as the small bullet is placed on my clit.  He rubs it around in a slow circle as the vibrator is moved in and out of me.  i am dying, i have to let go but He keeps reminding me in a calm voice that under no circumstance am i to cum; that i will be very sorry if i do.

For quite some time this goes on; i have no idea how long. Then i feel His hand move away leaving both objects in place, “Don’t move, do you hear me?”

“Yes, Master” i barely whisper.  i hear him walking around again and i hear the door open and close again.  i lay there in agony; i need to move, my legs are trembling, i long to fight against the restraints but i cannot.  After an eternity i hear the door open and close again.  He removes the vibrator and i feel Him move between my legs.  His hand is there sliding in and out of me.  “So wet, you are such a naughty girl aren’t you?  Always hungry for cock, always wanting to be fucked?”

I feel His mouth on my pussy, His tongue slides into me.  Instinctively i arch my back and begin to move but He holds me down.  “Oh no my love, my little whore, you aren’t going anywhere”.  And He fucks me with His tongue, sucks on my clit and brings me to the edge once more.  i moan and beg again but am met with only a, “No.”

My legs are untied but remain cuffed to the bar, my hand are untied but recuffed behind my back; i feel a warm dripping sensation on my ass, suddenly i feel something slide in as He works the beads in one by one, i arch again as He slides them in and out and rotates them as He works them deeper inside until finally they are all the way in.  I feel the vibrator slide back in and turned on.

He moves in front of me and i can feel His cock on my lips, “Open whore.” .  i open my mouth and feel His hard cock, i can taste the cum dripping off of Him.  I suck as He slides deep into my throat.  The sensations are too much and i am losing control.  Finally He removes the vibrator and moves into me.  i scream and beg again to be allowed to cum but now He says nothing.  He slams into me as hard as He can, over and over..pounding…pounding.  i am exhausted and sore now; but He is not finished and i am not sure how much longer i can bear this.

Finally i hear His voice say, “cum for me, cum my little whore.” and i explode; i can feel Him quicken his pace as i float away and He joins me, cumming deep inside of me.  After a moment He slows to a gentle stroking pace, i can no longer keep myself up.  I feel Him uncuff my hands and ankles and He rolls me onto my side into His arms.  The blindfold is removed and i find myself looking right into His eyes.  The smile is there now and He says, “is my little whore satisfied now?  Did she get the cock she needed?”

i nod, to exhausted to even whisper an answer.  i know again that my body belongs completely to Master, i’ve learned that lesson though part of me is glad to have been taught it and may be tempted to be retrained again someday.

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