Have no doubt that though i may not show it always; i trust in you Master completely.  i have shared with you some of my darkest desires and You have shown me nothing but love and the wish to lead me to the farthest reaches of my comfort.  i am slowly becoming more at ease with where we are; i am learning not to need to question; i am learning not to doubt because each time i start to; You show me again who is in charge and remind me that without trust we have no relationship.

So though i may pull away; though i may question, though i may tense it is not because i don’t trust You.  It is simply because i am still learning to give up the control that has been so much a part of me for all these years.

Thank you for the love You give to me, the boundaries i need, the patience to remind me where i belong.  It is because of this i trust fully in You.

His little b

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