Learning her Place

As of late, I suspect that the confusion of the transition between the sleepy people we have been, slacking off in our D/s roles has lead to the current situation.  As we go through reloading the rules I have found that she has been very lax in the basic tenets of our relationship.  Now that we are heading back “towards the light (where she likes to be)” and out of the grey (where I often thrive) I have had to correct her several times this week.

she has forgotten to correctly:

  • Care for me (iron my clothes)
  • Wake me up correctly
  • she has been talking back a bit as of late [to see what would happen].

Over the weekend she found herself tied up several times and by the end of the night her ass was red as she choked out the count as my hand slapped across her ass.

I am pleased to say that she woke me up correctly today and that my clothes for tomorrow are already ironed.  Tonight she might just get rewarded with some pleasurable time in the dungeon (OK… it is the basement); but she loves to be on her knees down there doing as she is told.

It is good to have a submissive that wants to serve and needs structure.  I will work hard at keeping her.

One thought on “Learning her Place

  1. Very nice, I do like your way of thinking.

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