Expectations (His)

Life is one of those curious things that we pretend to control and only the foolish actually believe that they at any time truly have control.

What we do have is control over the small things.  What we wear to work.  If we stop to get a Slurpee for a snack.  How we exercise.  How we treat others.

My wife, the woman I love, asks what my expectations are.  The truth is I do not hold any expectations other than these:

  • I expect her to love  me
  • I expect her to forgive her mistakes and to look past mine
  • I expect her to do her best
  • I expect that when we reach the end, we will get there together.

As for our time as dominate and submissive, now that it is summer and freedom abounds, I find that her role is to become the domestic.

  • The children should be loved
  • The home should be well kept
  • she should be ready when I arrive home
  • she should know her place and seek out opportunities to please me.

My expectations of myself are that:

  • I will do better for her
  • I will do better for our children
  • I will be present
  • I will be fair

In the end, it comes down to having the courage to be the person you want to be.  As the song says.  I do not fear dying, I only fear not trying.

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