Life has not been the journey we had hoped for these last few months; work, life, injuries, stress and general exhaustion had truly interfered with our relationship and not just in the BDSM dynamic.  i was truly feeling disconnected from Master and back to where i had been before last summer; feeling insecure and unloved.

Summer is upon us and with that has come a huge shift in our life as i will now be taking on the role of stay at home mom/wife/submissive.  i am excited about finally getting to move into the role i have dreamed of for so long but yet i am scared to take this leap and thankfully Master is wanting to move slowly back into it and as He mentioned in His last post we will be adding rules back into our life gradually. i look forward to beginning again and hopefully this time we will achieve the consistency we are both hoping for and i will be able to serve and please Him as i have longed to for so long.

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