I decided that we should start Twitter accounts. I like the idea of sharing and can help me to grow my pet.

I bring this up because a psychiatrist has elected to follow me on Twitter, which I find to be curious, mostly because I only have a handful of followers.

Now my tastes and those of my wife/pet are a bit different. She is quiet and reserved while I am boisterous and outgoing. Unfortunately this tends to limit us in that because of her concerns of people knowing about “this side of our relationship” I cannot really seek the help that I think would be valuable to us. That leaves me with reading and following digitally.

It is a bit frustrating knowing that there are people here in town that I can talk too and meet with to grow our relationship but out of respect for my wife’s limitations I do not.

So it is interesting to see who/what is on Twitter and follows us. My goal is to use this as a tool that pushes my wife. A little bit of knowledge, a little bit of embarrassment, and a lot of love!

Our relationship is in a bit of a stop position due to work and other commitments. We are trying to find time when we can reload and get started again but at times I question my skills as a dominant because I lack the resources to really help me define what I should be doing.

We keep at it and we’ll get it!

Follow us @DaddyDominates and @FollowingSir

2 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. John says:

    You must be a working class dom like myself. The worst feelings I have are when I resent the constant attention she needs. You have good rules and structure but you have no down time. I have to schedule time away so I can stay focused. It seems counter productive to think of time away when it seems like are whole lives are spent apart; work, kids, etc. Schedule yourself a day (min 24 hour period) away from everything. Hike, fish, get a cheap hotel and read. That one day will charge your batteries in a way you will not believe. Note: this is not a day at home where you kick back, leave! Go be free of everthing. When I do not stay focused on her discipline, she gets anxious and stressed. When I’m focus and can stay on top of her discipline and enforce her rules, everything seems to be better in both our lives.

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