Building the Bench

One thing that I like is finding fun surprises at the hardware store. When I came across this I envisioned this:


The project took a couple of hours (if you ignore stain drying time) and cost about 150 dollars (once you include a few accessories I added in.

The table was 80 dollars.
The padding was 10 dollars.
The fabric was 30 dollars
Then I bought some metal pipes for about 30 dollars.

The process was:

First the table had to be cut down a little, my lovely wife was not tall enough to bend over the prefabricated height.



Then I reattached the bottom support and added foam padding.

After that, I added marine vinyl and five anchor points on both long sides as well as some at the ends.

I also added some piping to allow me to restrain the hands beyond the bed and the legs in the air.

The combination opens up a lot of options to expand playtime.

The last bit is a part I have not picked up yet, a crank to stretch my wife out on; turning the bench into a midevil rack.

7 thoughts on “Building the Bench

  1. Cinn says:

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  2. I like this a lot, thanks for sharing!

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