Reaching Out

It has been a very long time since i have posted anything here…a VERY long time.  Part of that was because i felt like every post i wrote was about my struggle to find my missing desire to submit and i didn’t want to become redundant; the other part was because for a good part of last year i was unable to even be submissive thanks to a couple of major injuries.  We had moments of D/s and they were much appreciated but truly last year was a very vanilla year and i began to feel as though we had taken a huge step backwards to several years ago.

Over the last month though; Master and i have been working hard to reclaim our D/s dynamic.  Rules are being pulled out again, revised as needed and followed through on.  i have set several goals for myself this year to help me continue to grow and not fall back into struggling again. As an introvert i find it very hard to reach out to strangers to ask for help or even just to strike up a conversation; i am realizing though that in order to grow as a submissive i need to be able to talk with others who may be in a similar situation as ours.  i was getting frustrated for a time because it felt like many of the books and blogs i was finding didn’t seem to relate to our experiences.  Last week though it dawned on me that D/s is not a black and white thing and for someone who thinks like that this has been very difficult to wrap my head around.  i mentioned this to Master yesterday and he said that even relationships that aren’t like ours can still be helpful.  He is correct of course; every book, every blog, every conversation can offer something to us; we may make it part of our own journey or agree that it doesn’t work for us.  i am hopeful that as others find our little corner of the internet; someone will say, “i/we have been in that same place” or “i/we are working to make this part of our lives as well; here is what we are doing” and perhaps it will help us to continue to grow.  We are on a good path so far this year…i am hopeful it will continue in the direction it is going,

his little b

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