Sixty Days of Submission

Master recently finished a book entitled “Sixty Days of Submission” and while he said that much of the book was repetitive; he liked the idea of a challenge and so on Monday i received an email with a spreadsheet attached containing my own “Sixty Days of Submission”. Each day, from February 1st to April 1st, i will have an activity or challenge to complete and failure to do so comes with a matching punishment.  Not all challenges are of a sexual nature and while some of the punishments are on the lighthearted side; others already have me hoping i will not fail to comply on those days.

Some of the items on the list are already a part of our daily routine in some way but have a few modifications, others we have talked about incorporating in the past or maybe tried to but stopped for whatever reason, some are taken from my own personal list of submissive goals for the year while others have come from the recesses of Master’s imagination.  There are several i am looking forward to trying, others that i have a little hesitation over and some that will be pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone and i am currently weighing whether or not the punishment would be more tolerable than the activity (i am kidding about that….sort of).

My goal, as of now, is to post each day’s activity and whether or not it was a success or failure (hopefully there are few failures although even within failure there is success because i will learn from it) and my feelings about each day.  At the end of the sixty days, with Master’s permission, i will post the list in its entirety to the blog.  i am excited about this challenge, while i feel a bit nervous i know that i am going to learn a lot about myself, my limits and hopefully i will have moved more solidly into this role that i am so very much wanting.  i hope that i am able to please Master with my success and to give myself over to Him more fully when all is said and done.  Perhaps this journey will inspire others who are finding their own submission to join me and take a challenge of their own.

his little b

2 thoughts on “Sixty Days of Submission

  1. Very nice, I am looking forward to following your 60 day challenge.

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