The Challenge Begins

Today is the first day of 60 days of submission and today’s request was a simple one, “Address Master as ‘Sir’ and one stroke of the implement of Master’s choosing will be applied any time when this does not happen”.  While this was an easy task for me at the same time it was a good reminder to be aware of speaking respectfully to him. i did forget once while asking for permission to sit on the couch with him and i was given a solid swat on the derriere but i blame my lapse in protocol on the crazy ending of the Super Bowl.

So while today is a quiet post, i know that the coming days will bring many more thoughts.

his little b

One thought on “The Challenge Begins

  1. sheforhim says:

    I knew you would do well with the first day and have no doubt in your success in completing the full sixty days of “challenges”.

    You are stronger than you believe.


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