Sixty Days of Submission-Day 2

Today’s Task:Print out and complete the BDSM checklist at; one stroke per item not completed as punishment.  There were 200 items on the list.

This proved to be much more of a challenge than i expected; not just because of the number of questions (and Master ended up paring the list down a bit because we both felt that some of the questions were geared towards someone who was looking for a partner while others we both knew were hard limits for us both) but also because many of the questions didn’t have a clear cut answer and needed to be discussed further.  Some of the questions i felt indifference to such as clothing and role play; i would do them both if Master wished me to but if it were my choice i probably wouldn’t think about it.

The biggest challenge i found was actually answering some of the questions that we already do.  As a masochist obviously pain is high on my list of things that i enjoy; however i do differentiate between sensual spanking/beating and punitive and so to answer on a scale of 1-5 whether i enjoy certain aspects of beating…well…i enjoy a good spanking and often find it helps bring me back to where i need to be.  I don’t enjoy when i receive a punitive beating because it hurts in a different way but i do appreciate it because it reminds me to watch myself and my actions.  So i ended up leaving a few unanswered and suggested to Master that perhaps the checklist would be better answered face to face.  i love that it opened up a great dialogue between us tonight; he told me that he wasn’t surprised by any of my answers and limits but wanted to see what i would answer if asked to and i asked him if there was anything that i answered low on my list of likes that maybe he wanted to try more of.  He said no; that our answers lined up pretty much the same although he is much more open minded to public acts where they are definite hard limits for me,

All in all; i would say today was very helpful for me to really voice to Master where i hope our relationship will head and to be able to put more trust in him to lead me to my limits and then push me just a little bit further.  Every day i can see how committed he is to making this work for us and it pushes me to let go and surrender to him.

i will go to sleep tonight feeling quite at peace.

his little b

One thought on “Sixty Days of Submission-Day 2

  1. sheforhim says:

    The checklist is really designed for starting a relationship, allowing two individuals to understand each other in a specific defined way. If you are filling out the list and put down things that are a hard limit and the other person has them as essential the relationship may not work out from a BDSM perspective. Although a discussion should occur because what one person considers to be “fire play” might be different than another. That difference in point of view might actually cause the two people to mark the sheet differently but to actually have the same answer when discussing the checklist.

    For me, it was just a lesson for my wife to help her identify if there were things she wanted to try that she had never thought of and to create some discussion points for us.

    I was not surprised by her answers; but I am curious to see if they change in the coming years.


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