Trials and Tribulations of being “Sir”

Type A

At one time or another I have been called one or many of these words; and in general they are a good description of who I am; but they are not a complete picture.

I am not afraid to take risks.  Sometimes this gets me in trouble, pushing limits too far (not specifically in the BDSM world; but in general).  For example, if a room full of people told me not to do something, I would probably do it just to prove them wrong.

I am often wrong.  Being wrong, failing, messing up… I do not worry about these much.  As Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”   Mistakes are a natural occurrence of achieving.  If you never fall down, you do not know the effort it takes to get back up; and that effort defines us.

For me, I think I fall down the same place that so many other people do.  I forget to communicate with my wife, my love, my submissive.  I know that her favorite part of the D/s process is that we talk more.  It encourages new communication.  We spend less time sitting in the same room and more time interacting.

My never ending struggle is not against the forces of evil; but the forces of silence.  Admittedly, sometimes I am tried; but other times I find myself just enjoying the silence.  While that is OK, it is not what is beneficial and healthy to the relationship.  I endeavor to ask more questions, to talk more about my day, and to be better.

After all, she may obey; but she also deserves my effort to be better every day.

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