Sixty Days of Submission-Day 3

Today’s Task:Every weekday at 6:30 you are responsible for waking me up. This means ensure that I am up, not ask if I want to sleep in.  The proper method to waking me up is asking permission to worship my cock and using the time before our children are up to ensure a positive start to our day.Five strokes as punishment for not waking me up.

This has actually been a part of our routine from Day 1; there have been times where it has become hit or miss due to one or the both of us being tired.  i am glad that failure to do this now warrants discipline because it will encourage me to make sure to put Master’s desires ahead of my desire for an extra fifteen minutes of sleep.  Honestly; despite my grogginess for the first few minutes; i love this part of our life.  i get great pleasure from worshiping Master’s cock and starting the morning off in this exchange gets me into a wonderful mindset for the day. The knowledge that there will be discipline should i put my desire for fifteen minutes of extra sleep over my desire to serve Master helps ensure that i will continue to be successful from here on out.

3 thoughts on “Sixty Days of Submission-Day 3

  1. I love this idea. What a wonderful way to awaken with Master’s cock in the throat and a great way to start the day mindful of your priorities.

    • sheforhim says:

      Especially on those days when i wake up and having a hard time getting into a submissive mindset. It reminds me that this exactly what i have wanted; to please Him and put His needs before my own.

  2. What a nice start to both your mornings…you are his own personal alarm “cock” ha ha.

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