Sixty Days of Submission-Day 4

Today’s task:Create a journal of your submission, share it with me on Sunday evenings.  This may be completed during the meditation and reflection period of each day (See Feb 16). Five strokes as punishment for each day that there is no content.

Obviously this task will be ongoing from here on out; i haven’t really begun spending time each day meditating and reflecting on my role as a submissive but i do think about it as i move through the day.  To me keeping a journal (beyond the blog here) will be an excellent way for me to communicate on a deeper level with Master.  i often find it difficult to put my thoughts and feelings into spoken words; i think it is easier to explain myself when i write because i can take more time thinking about what i want to say and how i want to say it. i am hoping that down the road the journal will become for both of us and Master will too write about His experience moving into the role of the Dominant; i am curious to know more about His thoughts.

His little b

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