Sixty Days of Submission-Day 8

i have realized that i am now posting my daily updates a day after they have actually occurred but i think that is actually good because it gives me time to really process them before writing about the experience; and for the last two days that has definitely been a necessity.

Yesterday’s task was: Make a list of at least ten things you want to accomplish this year. The list should contain both sexual and personal improvement items including things that make you feel uncomfortable. Include dates you want to accomplish each.
One stroke for each item short of five on the list.

i decided to split the list for now and have five sexual and five non-sexual items. Of course the non-sexual items were much easier to come up with as there are many things i would like to improve upon for myself; mostly confidence and protocol. The sexual items were mainly the ones Master and i have already discussed and i am fairly certain that list will grow as we work through these sixty days.

Setting a time frame was hard; i feel that personal growth and improvement are a never ending process and the items that I am uncomfortable with that i want to address will always be able to be refined.

Thankfully i am in a better place emotionally today after a couple of very therapeutic interactions with Master and i feel strong enough to begin working on my list.

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