Sixty Days of Submission-Days 9 and 10

Yesterday was a two for one deal since Master worked from home on Monday.

Day 9: I will let you know when I am leaving work and when I reach the exit from the highway.  You will ensure that you have showered and make yourself presentable after the day of taking care of the home.  A glass of water and the mail will be placed at my spot at the table.  If home alone, you will kneel next to my chair naked; if the children are home you will wait by the counter to welcome me. One stroke for failing to ensure your body is clean and prepared for my use.One stroke for failing to have a glass of water ready.One stroke for the mail not being in the appropriate place.One stroke for each article of clothing you are wearing if home alone.One stroke if you are not standing at the island waiting for me if family or friends are there.

This task is not a new one for me; we began this routine about a month ago but it is a good reminder for me to be prepared for Master when He arrives home.

Day 10: At the concert, wear the vibrating kegel balls while I use the remote. Punishment will be spending a night in the dog cage without a pillow.

You can be absolutely certain i was not going to argue with this one.  The Kegel balls weren’t so much balls but rather a vibrating/rotating plug and initially when i put it in i wasn’t feeling a whole lot; later i discovered that there were different settings and Master got a great deal of pleasure playing with them and watching my reactions.  We were with friends and so that made things interesting for me trying to keep my reactions as controlled as i could but there were a few times i thought i was going to lose it (in a good way). i actually found myself disappointed towards the end of the night because the battery ran down so i would say that the experience was a success.

It was a great evening.

His little b

One thought on “Sixty Days of Submission-Days 9 and 10

  1. Sir says:

    It is always good to identify the limits of the devices as well as the person. This was an interesting opportunity to test out several things.

    They could be much more fun to use at Shakespeare in the Park!


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