Sixty Days of Submission-Days 11-14

It’s been a little busy around here and the last couple of tasks were kind of smallish so there wasn’t a lot for me to talk about.

Day 11:Write an erotic story or blog post weekly; write a story at least every other week.  Punishment will be wearing underwear for a week.

So, this task has been modified slightly after some discussion with Master; i find it difficult to write “fantasies” let alone share them for all the world to see.  From stories that i have read there doesn’t seem to be a lot of variation (perhaps i am looking in the wrong places) and so trying to come up with original thought every other week was daunting at least at this time.  So Master agreed to let me try writing stories but only sharing them with Him.

Day 12: Create a “Sir Do” list of tasks around the house including items i wish to purchase and we will discuss.  Failure to make a list results in Master enjoying all of 2015 without any tasks to complete.

It’s a short list though He has said that it can be added onto as the year progresses and obviously not everything on the list will be possible this year; i am okay with that.

Then came yesterday, Day 13.  i feel as though i should have just taken the punishment instead of the task because the task was actually worse…well, part of it anyway.

Go to Fifty Shades of Grey in a skirt, play with yourself during the movie and let Me taste your fingers from time to time. Punishment will be writing a 100-150 word essay as to how you disobeyed; publish to the blog.

If only He had picked any other movie…ANY other movie i would have been fine with it but sitting through that trainwreck was two hours of my life that i can’t get back.  i did take satisfaction knowing that we were probably the only ones sitting in that theatre that knew that it was not an accurate portrayal of what a D/s relationship was like.

But today’s task made up for it, Day 14:Make Valentine’s Day special for our children or see the sad looks on their faces as the holiday passes by without any joy.

Master and i decorated the house with streamers and balloons for our children to wake up to; we made pink heart pancakes along with donuts and chocolate milk served in wine glasses. They were so excited about it all which made my heart so very happy.  i am not a big fan of this “holiday” because i feel that love should be expressed everyday and not through materialistic goods but the joy that our children felt today was the best gift ever!

i am at my happiest when i know that those i love are being cared for by me; it is when i truly feel connected to my submissiveness and i embrace it that much more.  From here on out; i think that is the approach i am going to take to Valentine’s Day because it is the gift i want the most.

His little b

3 thoughts on “Sixty Days of Submission-Days 11-14

  1. 🙂 I want to see the movie, well actually I’m hoping they come out with a MC-17 rating one 😉 I’m fairly new to Dom/Sub but from what I’ve read it’s not as it should be

    I bet your kids will always remember how they got to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While it might not be a big deal to us, it means so much to them.

  2. SexwAnnie says:

    I’m not wasting my money on FS. But I do love that your kids woke up to you both showing them about the one day where everyone gets to feel love. Yes I believe that we should feel and show love everyday. But for some maybe even most Valentines day is the only day they might feel some love. So lets all celebrate. 😉

  3. sheforhim says:

    i suppose it is because i am fortunate enough to be in a relationship where i feel deeply loved (and honestly that didn’t happen until we began this journey) i forget that not everyone is as lucky. To me this holiday, like most we celebrate, is about our children because i feel like the world makes them have to grow up so quickly anymore that anything Master and i can do to keep hold of that joy and innocence of youth we will. Our older child actually revealed recently that her belief in Santa/Tooth Fairy/ Easter Bunny/etc is gone but rather than being sad about it she is enjoying getting to help us keep the joy alive for her younger sister. It makes my heart happy.

    In regards to FS, i could have written an entire post on my feelings about that but i am personally tired of hearing about the movie and book and i feel like there are many others out there echoing my sentiments so i keep my feelings at “If you have to see it; you may want to wait until it is out on DVD just to save the money and hopefully those who are truly interested in BDSM or D/s have read other articles explaining how this is not an accurate portrayal and they will have the sense to seek guidance and answers from helpful sources just as Master and i do.”

    But i would definitely agree, not seeing it is a good plan. There are much better ways to spend two hours.


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