Sixty Days of Submission-Days 15, 16 and 17

i have gone and let several days slip by without posting again; good thing that is not on of Master’s tasks for me or i would probably be writing this with a stinging derriere. 😉

Day 15 has not actually been completed; the task was to bathe Master in the tub and then suck and ride his cock until he came; failure to do so would result in me not being allowed to shower and wash him for three days (this is one of my favorite things to do for him).  However, Master was quite exhausted the night that this was supposed to occur and so we have not yet had a chance to catch up.  i am hoping tonight will give us a chance.

Day 16 was to begin to spend ten minutes each day meditating on my submission and how i feel about it, how things are going and if there is anything Master can do to help me be successful.  Failure to do so results in twenty minutes spent sitting on the time out stool to complete the time.

i will just say that twenty minutes sitting on a hard wooden stool is very, very, very, boring.

i should have been able to find ten minutes yesterday even though the children were home with me but i didn’t so while Master was downstairs getting things ready for us to play i sat in the middle of our bedroom alone and thinking. i felt more silly than submissive so i am wondering if perhaps finding a more submissive position to be in while meditating might not help me out a bit more.

Day 17-Every weekday at 7:15 i am to have breakfast on the table; what i make to eat is my decision but failure to have it ready results in Master making his own meal and i will sit at his feet while he eats. i have already gotten into the habit of making sure he has something to eat before heading out to work (again, i enjoy doing this for him) though having it on the table by 7:15 is going to take a little work.  i am NOT a morning person and although our oldest has to be downstairs eating by 7 in order for her to make the bus on time i am usually still half asleep at the table so i guess i am going to have to start pushing myself to get up and moving…although i am not opposed to sitting at Master’s feet while he eats.

His little b

7 thoughts on “Sixty Days of Submission-Days 15, 16 and 17

  1. I’m enjoying reading this series from you. 🙂

    I don’t meditate daily on my submission, but I love this idea. I do think doing so in a certain submissive position would help me (and maybe you?)

    And mornings…the 1st act of my day is to bring Sir coffee. We have kids too, but often he has to rise before I would alone to catch an early flight or go and work out before a day at the office…anyway, it sets the tone for my day to begin by serving Him, and To get up early to do so. Maybe there is something you can do for your Sir before getting kids on the bus to set your day’s tone? Or perhaps you love kneeling at His feet while he eats (I would).

    • sheforhim says:

      Thank you! It is nice to know that there is someone out there joining me on this journey and even better that i am getting feedback for it!

      We have a good routine in place in the morning; the issue is really just my inability to function for the first hour after i am awake. Getting up earlier isn’t an option right now because i do require a fair amount of sleep in order to get through the day but i am hoping that the more we adhere to this routine the easier it will get for me to be up.

      If the children were not eating breakfast with us i would gladly sit at Master’s feet while he eats. That is probably the thing i would love more info about from other who are balancing D/s and a family; how to keep the dynamic going.


  2. ChrisIsmyMaster says:

    So having children I am wondering if in the last three years of doing this have you figured out how to be more submissive to Him.
    We are just staring out and our story reads almost identical to yours, even down to the herniated disc in the neck I read in one of your early posts!! And I too am the one who asked to be submissive. He has always been dominate in the bedroom.
    We have two small children 4 and 5. 5 year old just started all day kindergarten so that leaves our daughter at home! Master works loooong hours and so our time to be D/s together is slim.
    I don’t want to have to answer to my children as to why mommy and daddy do the things we do!! My daughter already follows behind daddy to smack my butt after he does 😳 when I’m cleaning or cooking! She thinks it’s funny!
    Would love some suggestions!
    Also what type of collar do you wear in public?

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