Quiet days and Glow Bracelets

Due to some activities outside the home, the last few days have been very quiet. My pet’s assignments for these few days have been on the easy side leaving her the energy and strength to face the challenge she had yesterday (which was not related to our D/s efforts.

However, I pulled out some history. If you check out this page you will see a photo that inspired one night’s activities a few years ago.

We recreated a “bondage” scene using glow bracelets.

Here is the result of that night:


Recently I came across those photos again and edited this one up a bit:


Glow bracelets can be a fun way to play. They, by themselves, do not form a strong bond but you could modify that with some glue and use them like rope (avoid getting glue on anyone).

You can also break them open and get the phosphorescent color all over your bodies (remember to avoid the mouth, eyes, and any parts that might go inside someone).

Now go… Enjoy!


One thought on “Quiet days and Glow Bracelets

  1. Cute ideal. I might have to pick some up. 😉

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