A small interlude

Our oldest child has been sick with the flu and strep for the last few days and since she is needing a little extra TLC from us both; some aspects of what we do plus several of the tasks in my sixty day challenge have had to be put on the back burner. It dawned on me today that even though there are things we cannot do right now; we have definitely begun to switch more firmly into our roles because there are still many parts of our daily dynamic that are present….it thrills me to no end.

i have been instructed to make sure that i make time for my meditation today; in the appropriate position and attire regardless of the fact that i am not home alone.  Thank goodness we have plenty of movies to keep her occupied. Hopefully i can resume the actual tasks on my list by Thursday.

His little b

One thought on “A small interlude

  1. Sir says:

    Having a coughing youth in the bedroom 24/7 is making a lot of things more complicated. However her needs come before ours.


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