The submissive Mantra gets an Update

After a few years I felt that my little one’s manta needed to be updated to better reflect who we have become as a couple and her role as my submissive.

I replaced the name “slave”.  My wife is not truely my slave.  She is a submissive, she is strong, smart, and beautiful.  She has selected to be my submissive, to give up some personal freedoms within the context of our relationship.

She has not lost any rights that women have fought for, she is not hiding behind me, she is simply looking to have a role that she feels comfortable in.

With that being said, I present the new mantra:

i belong to my Master.  my body, heart, and soul are His to protect and use as he sees fit.  i am his toy and will be used as he wants. 

i am a gift to my Master, His pleasure is my pleasure.  I take joy in his joy and want to please him.

i am His; he will protect and nurture me.  i freely give myself to him.

i worship His cock.  i will beg to suck it.  It is my idol.  I live to serve all of my Master.

i will be His slut in bed, his caretaker, friend, and partner in life.  my body is beauty, He loves my mind, and He takes what He wants from me.

i belong to my Master.  i will make Him proud to possess me.


One thought on “The submissive Mantra gets an Update

  1. i absolutely adore your glorious mantra, Sir. It is a perfect reflection of the D/s dynamic that i share with my Sir. We, too, are partners, parents, individuals and the best of friends, yet i choose to give myself to Him completely and freely to be used as He wishes. i hope that you both find as much enjoyment and satisfaction as we do. Thank you for sharing, Sir.

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