Raw Confesssions

I came across the website “Raw Confessions” where people can post their “confessions” and have people comment on them.

Some of the confessions are fairly tame, but there are a few that are much more “bold” in nature.

Reading though the stories and the comments I was suprised to find that:

  • A lot of the confessions about about incest.
  • There are a lot of judgemental responses to a lot of the posts.
  • I suspect a lot of the stories are fake.

What I found most disturbing was the number of people that commented about how they had incestual relationships.  One guy mentioned that he had intercoure with is 8 year old because “the 8 year old asked him to.”

Now I am not trying to judge here; but how does an 8 year old, who probably still has trouble picking what shirt to wear make a decision about something like that.

At age 8 I cannot imagine any of us are ready for sex or to deal with the mix of feelings that sleeping with your father would create.

I get the sleeping with step-parents or step-siblings.  I can even wrap my head around sleeping with a family member if everyone is an adult; but come on… 8!?!?

I do not know what is more disappointing, the fact that this individual was posting this message or that a number of people were encouraging him.

My only thought is to encourage him to see a therapist; because it feels like he has confused love for the physical act and created a trap for his child.

Anyway; there are some funny things on the site and some interesting stories.  

Check it out, just be careful what you click on!

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