Harry Potter

Wizards and witches?  Nope; but a Magic Wand.


Or as the wife says, “Ooohhhhh YES!  Ohhh My GOD YESSSSSSSSS!!!!”

Now being of the male persuasion; I have to lead the review of the actual product to better qualified individuals (aka those with a clitorus) and this seems to hit the spot: http://sluttygirlproblems.com/review/the-original-hitachi-magic-wand/#.VeSe-v2COJI
Where I can step back up to the mic is the discussion around use and how it can take you down… down… down towards every sub’s goal of subspace.

The influence of the magic wand by itself is impressive, now add in nipple clamps, vaginal and/or anal stimulation spankings and do so in the right combination and you are on your way.

The bad news, your sub is the only one who can identify the correct blend.  Experiment and watch her body.  Look for physical responses.  Push things forward where you can but be prepared to step back.

One combination is to bring her to the edge or let her orgasm on the wand, then take it away and use a riding crop on her clit.

Cycle through this for a while, add in vaginal stimulation, clamp the nipples, leave her tied up.  She will follow the stimulation down if you find the needed mix.

Experiment with oils and lubricant, use of holes, and whatever stimulates her.

Having a Magic Wand in your toolkit is one of those basic “must have” items.
-that being said, there are really no “must have” tools.  You could create a world of BDSM from what you have in the kitchen!

One thought on “Harry Potter

  1. Everything I see can become a sex toy with a little imagination. LOVE my Magic Wanda! I agree it’s a MUST! It’s great with a partner and just as useful without. 😉

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