And in the darkness…

Freud and Jung both speak of a darkness inside people and psychologists today agree.

We are dictomous beings and the best of us have  not mastered their darkness but have found a balance and a healthy release

The key word being “healthy”.  Punching puppies, not healthy.  Stealing. Not so healthy.  Kickboxing in the line at Burger King… No.

Exercising your “demons” through healthy activities such as exercise and acknowledging that your thought about killing the neighbor who keeps parking on your yard… While gratifying are not actually to be acted on.  Those tend to be better choices.

That being said, a scene where you can act out your darkness can be an excellent release.  So BDSM is a healthy activity to help you naturally address those things that lurk in each of us.

Rejoice in the knowledge that we are providing ourselves a healthy service that our vanilla friends may miss out on.

So know your dark side. Embrace it!

One thought on “And in the darkness…

  1. Oh, Sir. Sometimes that is easier said than done. 😈

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