Erotic Story: Taken in the Alley

You glance down at your phone and notice it is after eleven, the drinks numb the suprise of the late hour as you look around at your friends.

It was ladies night and like always you had not planned to stay out late but fun, friends, and wine have a way of making time slip away.

You knew that it would not upset me, we had agreed that hanging with your friends would be good for you.  We do a lot of things together so some personal time is always needed.

You laugh at some joke a friend just made and hating to be the one to break up the party you tell your friends that you have to go.  

“Tomorrow is an early morning,” you tell them.

You pick up your purse and throw your scarf over your shoulders as you head towards the door of the trendy little wine bar your friends plan to hold down for a while longer.

The cool air of the spring evening hits you as you step out the door making you shiver a little.  

You make the turn towards where you parked, the sound of your heels clicking as you walk.

You make the corner next to the bar and pause, the alley ahead of you is bathed in shadow.  

Taking out your glasses you try to make out the details in the darkness ahead of you; but still have trouble seeing behind everything in the alley.

It did not look this dark when you arrived; but after all, the sun had still been up.

You take a deep breath and plunge into the darkness.

A smile slips across my face as I wait.  I saw the uncertainty on your face give way to determination as you took the first step towards me.

The sound of your stilettos makes me hard, I have been watching you for a while and your legs look amazing when you have heels on.

I wait there in the dark.

You are halfway through the alley as you pass the dumpster and you feel the gloved hand wrap around your mouth.

Pulled into the shelter behind the dumpster and shoved against the wall you try to scream but a wimper is all that escapes the hand over you  mouth.

I do not say anything as I force you against the wall, my hand still across your mouth as I reach down and push my other hand up your tight skirt.  You try to resist but I use my weight to push you hard into the wall. 

I grab hold of your panties and pull them to the side, shoving two fingers inside of you.  The invasion is violent, grinding against the lips of your cunt as I feel your insides try to reject me.

It starts that way as your body betrays you; moisture starts to lubracte my fingers as I pummel you.

I pull them out of you and grab your panties.  Yanking hard they rip off of you.  Part of the fabric falls to the ground, lost to the darkness but the majority comes away in my hand.

I lift it to my face and inhale, smelling your scent.

You try to think, but your thoughts are being strangled by the fear in your head and the heat between your legs.  You curse your body’s constant need to fuck and try to calm yourself down so you can get away.  You push and try to get away from the wall but your attacker is stronger, he holds you there using the weight of his body to stop you.

You hear him inhale, then something is shoved into your mouth, you realize immediately that it is your ripped panties.  The sound of them being torn away had gotten your body excited and fuck!  The feel of them in your mouth was not helping!

Why was it responding this way?!?  You try to focus; but all you can think of is the moisture between your legs and the feel of his cock against your ass.

You try to spit the panties out of your mouth but as soon as his hand moves away tape tapes its place securing the panties inside your mouth.

You hear the sound of his zipper opening and then all you can do is scream into your panties as both of his hands close around your wrists.

I grab hold of your wrists and use my feet to push your heeled legs apart, positioning my stiff cock against your cunt I drive it into you.

Your back arches and you scream again as I pump my cock into you.

I know this has to be quick, someone could come down the alley and that would create complications.  So I ran hard and fast into you.

I thump against your body, my balls slam against your clit as I take you.  Suprise strikes me as your cunt contracts and then explodes around my cock.  Your body shaking as the orgasm rushes through you.

“Oh My God!” Your mind screams at your body. Your pussy has turned traitor, cumming in some filthy alley!  You try to wiggle free but there is nowhere to go.  Your mind fights for control as your body tries to suck that cock in deeper.  “Fuck me, Fuck me, FUCK ME!!!” It screams.

You realize you want it.  You need to be owned.

A growl escapes my lips as my cock is driven deep inside you and my cum bursts into you.

I shutter against you, the last of my my seed spent.  I turn you around and look into your eyes.  The fear is instantly gone and I see the woman I love staring back at me.

I remove the tape and your panties and kiss you.  

Emotions flood across you, tears escape as you watch me pull my pants back up.  “I can’t… That was amaz… Thank you.”

When you had come up with this idea I was a bit suprised.  It was very daring for you; but… “You are right little one, it was amazing.”

I lead you to the car where I have some water and fruit for you.  We sit on the hood as I hold you close and we watch the stars above shine down on us and enjoy another chapter in our adventure.

3 thoughts on “Erotic Story: Taken in the Alley

  1. HOT as HELL!!! 🔥🔥🔥 DAMN!!!

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