Erotic Story: A Funny Thing Happened…

The other day I was heading into my local department store and I passed this car with a woman sitting in the driver’s seat.  For a second I did not think anything of it; but then I saw that her head was tilted back and her hands were lost below the view I had through the window.

I stopped in my tracks and turned around to get a second look; and that is when she opened her eyes.  We locked onto each other and it looked like a small moan escaped her lips. The windows were down so there was no way to really tell for sure. 

My mind thought “Masturbating in the parking lot? Hot!” 

To be fair, she might not have been making a sandwich or just resting; but it looked a lot like she was enjoying her alone time though.

I smiled at her and started to turn around.  That was when she proved my dirty mind was right all along. A slender pink dildo slid up into view and she ran her tongue down it staring at me.

I know, these things never happen! Who actually finds someone masturbating in a parking lot? A female someone?!?  I could not believe it myself; but there see was some twenty spots from the big superstore.

The dildo slides back down her body and disappears as the shock disapates from my mind.  I give her a little bow deciding to leave her to her friend.

Inside the store I head back to the men’s section to track down some jeans.  You guys you know what I am talking about, a strategic strike.  You get in, find some choice items, try them on, pay and get out! This is no gathering trip!

So I hit the racks and shelves in search of outfitting my lower appendages. The hunt goes well and I find myself with a handful of assorted garments to try on. I swing over to the dressing rooms and just my luck no one is around.

I make my way back to an open room, toss the clothes onto the bench and start to pull the door closed when a hand slides into the open space between the door and the frame.  The fingernail polish hints that it is a female hand, although, l who knows these days! I am wondering what store policy I broke to bring out the fitting room police as the hand drops from the door and in slides masturbating Mary from the parking lot.  Yeah, I made up a name… Since we shared such an intimate moment I felt she needed a name.

I am dumbfounded, she drops of sex standing there eying me like a hungry cat. I have no words and decide to keep my mouth shut and play dumb. Given that I am thinking with my cock at this time, ther  really is no playing dumb…

She pushes me against the back of the dressing room and lifts my hands over my head. Before I know it, I feel something around my wrists and hear a series of clicks. A deviant smile spreads across her lips and she shows me a spare zip-tie she had hidden in her shirt sleeve.

I start wondering if I am going to end up with a body part missing and wake up in a few hours with a note that says “Get to the hospital!” tacked to my shirt when she leans back against the door and slides her skirt down. Now comes the only words I ever heard her say, “You left… I prefer an audience” and from no where that dildo comes back into her hand.

She is like the Harry Houdini of the changing rooms. Things just appear and disappear when this girl is around! 

Grinning like a pleased little cat, that plastic cock slides between her lips. Her tongue visible below it as she spins it around. Unzipping her shirt she slid the dildo down to her tits. Rolling it around one nipple, then the other. It continued on its quest south as small little moans escaped her lips. Her pink little friend came to rest between her lower lips, pressed against her swollen clit.

I went to lower my hands and realized that they were trapped. I realized then that she had hooked me to the clothes hanger above my head and with two of us in the room it was my destiny to stay that way. Of course if the show is this good, a standing ovation from the audience is expected.

The buzz of the vibrator brought my attention back as she started to grind against that toy, sliding it along her cunt, letting it dip in and out. The moans intensified as she lifted a leg and pressed a leopard spotted high heel to rest next to my hip.

The grinding continued, she slid that fake cock deeper into her warm and wet cavern. Riding her hand in the process the sound of wet skin slapping reached my ears. 

Before I knew it she started to shake… her foot fell to the ground, the vibrator was whipped out of her pussy and it was like a dam burst. Her orgasm filled the room, flowing out of her. Splashing across the little bench, soaking the bottom of the mirror and leaving quite a mess on the clothes I had brought into the room.
She stood there leaning against the door for a minute.  Then she got dressed, opened the door and walked out. 

She looked back and blew me a kiss. The door closed and that was the last I saw of her. 

I did, however, lie about her last words. Right after the door closed, I heard her tell someone “There is a gentleman back there who could use some assistance.”
I came to my senses and realized that it would not be good to be found handcuffed in a dressing room. I jumped a little and was able to release myself from the hook; but not the zip-ties, I realized then she had used two and they still held my hands.

I picked up the pants I had brought in and fumbled with the door. Getting it open I bumped into a young girl in a store vest who was just about to knock on the door. I told her I am good to go and that I was going to grab a different size; but I think I found what I was looking for.

I walk out of the dressing rooms set off to find the hardware section. 

As for the pants… well, I bought a different pair. Those I left in the hardware section…

Next to a pair of cut zip-ties.

2 thoughts on “Erotic Story: A Funny Thing Happened…

  1. As I finished reading this, I suddenly took a deep and startling inhale of air. I hadn’t realized I had been holding my breath as I read. My heart was racing and my muscles were tightened and I had forgotten to breathe. DAMN!!! That was HOT!!! Thank you VERY much. Makes me want to go shopping. 😉

  2. MrsGrey4 says:

    OMG. This story had me hyperventilating, tingling, and wet. Amazing!!! I loved every single word. I will definitely take my toy when I go shopping!!! ;)) Thank You for sharing!

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