Being a Little

As I (the Dom in our relationship) look around on the Twitter and the Internet I am always amused at the terms I find and how people relate to them.

My wife and I have found that the term Daddy and little work for us.  I have the role of Daddy in the aspect that I care, nurture, and protect her.

She in turn enjoys being a little.  Not in the aspect of age-play.  We both agree that with daughters in the house that such a regressive state is not in our best interest.  She may have some youthful yearnings such as liking a good coloring book and sometimes sucking her thumb during sex (which is admittedly hot).

I accept the title “Daddy” or “Sir” and as my wife just pointed out, “Daddy” tends to be more appropriate in front of our daughters.  I find that I spend a lot of time in the “Daddy” role around the house.  It makes it a natural for me.

At the same time, she does a lot of submissive things like managing the house.  She cooks, cleans and finds that she thrives in that 1950 style role of the woman as the keeper of the castle.  The kids and I pitch in; but she is responsible for 90% of the work as she is a stay at home mother.

I think it is exciting that we, as a society, have gone from “man and woman” to a wide range of titles that we feel best describe ourselves.  Although I do find the entire politically correct movement to be very out of control.

I do not feel that I need people to call me a “BDSM Dominant interested adult male” I can just go by “a guy” or “dude”.  As a society we tend to put a lot of value in titles; and not in people.  Which is a very poor direction to be headed.

I realize I have gotten off topic now, so I will jump back and say that I found this great reference site that prompted this post:

It is a good read no matter what interest brought you to this site.

One thought on “Being a Little

  1. Titles don’t mean much to me either. I have been called a long list of interesting things, I just pick and choose the ones I want to answer to. 🙂

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