Unlocking the Sexy in Surrender

This is an interesting book from the psychological state of men and women today.  

I found that it hits the nail on the head over several points.

Today’s man has been trained to be sensitive and concerned about their women’s needs.

This tends to carry over the bedroom as well.

However it creates a conflict with the women’s primal nature.  A woman’s subconscious is still driven towards wanting a man to dominate her (at least in the bedroom). 

Now that does not have to be in the BDSM [D/s] style but the female nature is to be attracted to an assertive male.

There are always exceptions to this rule; but in general the female brain is wired to be attracted to strong males (or in some cases, strong assertive females).

2 thoughts on “Unlocking the Sexy in Surrender

  1. Cerita says:

    thanks for sharing – this is a great book and a very quick read

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