Nature decided long ago that a key survival tool was an animals perception/first impression of their surroundings and other animals.

Mice, deer, roaches, and other prey learn to evaluate a situation quickly or die.  Humans carry these same set of skills and use them in the same way.

In certain situations our fight or flight nature takes over.  In others we take a measure of the individual sitting across the table from us at a restaurant, business meeting, legal proceeding or wherever we find ourselves.

One of the things that makes BDSM culture unique is that people from all “walks” of life participate.  Creating an environment were a CEO may interact with a heavily tattooed biker.

Unlike many activities like organized sports and hobbies, which tend to focus more on a specific group of people, the typical social barriers, gender roles, and methods of interacting can find themselves turned on their head or eliminated completely.

That makes a BDSM cultural exchange one of the few “niche” sub-cultures that is able to take people past skin color, economic brackets, and corporate positions and open opportunities for individuals to interact in ways that are not readily available outside of this social context.

Forget about all the other amazing things that BDSM allows you to experience; and just imagine a world where this ideal could exist everywhere!

One thought on “Perception

  1. HELL YES!! I can imagine. However, I can IMAGINE a LOT of things that will not and SHOULD NOT ever happen. My brain is just warped that way. đŸ™‚

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