Why Anal Hurts?  Because it Should.

Here is a link to an interesting essay on makes dominating women and that sexual acts should hurt.

They should demonstrate the male’s dominance and the woman’s submission.

Sex should be the physical demonstration of a Dominant overpowering, owning, and using his submissive.

Take a look at the review and the essay here: http://bdsm-sexperts.blogspot.com/2015/10/why-anal-hurts-review.html

3 thoughts on “Why Anal Hurts?  Because it Should.

  1. Many things can hurt and be safe, like spankings, clamps, etc. However, pain during anal penetration is a signal from your body that something may be wrong. It is easy to tear something back there, and it is an orifice that does not produce its own lubrication. Pay attention to the pain to protect yourself from injury. It is dangerous to just push through the pain.

    • sheforhim says:

      Agreed. There is good pain (intense pressure) and bad pain (using spit as lube). The article is directed at the experience, when done correctly, will still produce a different experience than when the male genitals are inserted into the female genitals.

      It will depend on the pain; but you are correct, one should be safe above all else.

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