Erotic Story: Hardware Store

  I caught sight of her again at the other end of the tool aisle, she appeared for only an instant as she crossed the isle, her boots clicking on the concrete floor almost in time with the rattle of the cart she had picked out. I admired her shape, the way her jeans disappeared into the top of the boots, their tight smooth grip upon her thighs and ass, the tight sweater above them, following the curves of her body past her chest to where her hair fell across her shoulders in cascades of brown.

She had entered the store just ahead of me and I had been mesmerized by the way she swayed as she walked. As we entered the store she had turned right and I had made a left to find some specialty drill bits.

Shaking my head to clear the visions of her, on her back, legs up… no… drill bits, we are here for some drill bits! Humm… I’d drill… STAY FOCUSED!

I turned back to the drill bits and located the one I was looking for; but instead of heading to the checkout I wandered down the aisle and turned to follow her. I could not stop myself from thinking with my dick and it was certainly leading me through the hardware store now.

I turned a corner and there she was bent over, looking at some house numbers on the shelf. I had been looking the other way as I took the corner and I ended up bumping right into her.

“Oh… I am sorry! I was not paying attention to where I was going”, I blurted out, hoping that she had not noticed my erection as I pulled myself away from her.

She smiled and slowly turned, “No problem at all, I guess I was blocking a bit of the aisle” she responded as she looked me up and down and reached across the aisle to grab her cart and move it out of the way.

Deciding my cock had gotten me into enough trouble I made a line for the registers and got out of the store; but as I was headed back to the car one of the sheds they always have outside of the hardware stores caught my eye. It was on sale for about 75% off and I had always wanted to setup a small shed as a workroom for some of my projects.

I detoured over to the shed to take a look at it. The sale was on the display model and I was checking out the paneling and condition of the shed. I made a few passes around the outside and then went to check the interior. The shed had a couple of higher windows and a skylight so there was plenty of light inside even after the door closed behind me, although there were some areas that were cast in shadow. The shed itself was a high end model, the doors could even be locked from the inside. I was examining the shelving in the back of the shed as the door opened and closed behind me and I heard the click of a pair of boots coming across the floor.

Before I could turn around, a hand slipped around my waste and the same voice that had apologized for blocking an aisle whispered into my ear, “You were so excited to see me earlier, I did not want to disappoint you.”

My dick shot to attention as she unzipped my pants and had her hands around the shaft of my cock. I was spun around and found myself pressed against the back wall, almost uncomfortable shoved against the shelves there as her mouth slid its way down my shaft.

She wasted no time at all – her head was bobbing up and down my cock small moans escaping her lips as she stroked the shaft of my cock and wrapped her lips around the tip of my dick swirling her tongue around me, devouring, thirsty, greedily taking me into her mouth.

I grabbed at the shelves for traction as she licked at my cock a growl coming from her throat as she attacked it. As quickly as she started, it was over. She had stood back up and was looking directly into my eyes, licking her lips. Everything about that look screamed desire!

I spun her around and pushed her up against the wall, pulling her jeans down to discover a shaved clean mound so wet that it had been dripping into her pants.

I bent her forward and drove my cock into that wet cunt, fiercely pounding it over and over until a guttural cry escaped her lips and she came hard. The orgasm making her shake as she tried to hold herself upright and push back against my thrusts.

I could think of nothing but filling that tight little cunt with my own cum and I felt my dick harden as my own cum forced its way deep into her as I pushed her against the wall trying to drive myself even deeper inside of her, wanting to fill every inch.

As the euphoria left us she turned and looked at me and said “this was a great idea honey!”

I looked into my wife’s eyes and laughed, “I told you… all of my ideas are great”.

One thought on “Erotic Story: Hardware Store

  1. FUCKING AMAZING! I might need to make a Home Depot run very soon. 😉

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