Married with Children and D/s

I cannot count the number of times this has happened:

Text messages while at work:

Me: “I am going to <FCC Edit> your <Wow… Mom said I could never say that> and shove a broom handle between your <well, I probably could have said that> and make you <I just saw a sailor faint in the corner>.”

wife: “That sounds amazing!  I cannot wait”

Then when I get home, we playfully interact at the table, while the kids are there.  Everyone talking and having fun.   Then there is homework, and chores, and activities, and bedtime rituals with the kiddos and finally there is alone time!

And one of us passes out, exhausted from the day, or the recent events, or the cold we picked up, or one of the kids comes back into the room, or a cat throws up on the floor or…

Yep… life gets in the way; and that is my topic for the day… Since the wife and I came to this D/s, BDSM, Daddy/little (OK, the wife is really more of a middle than a little) – whatever we want to call it, we have found a lot of roadblocks to our success.  The same roadblocks that impact the relationships of our friends, who to our knowledge are not purveyors of the fun world we attempt to live in.

Am I am expert at suspending people in the air?  No
Am I am expert at tying people up on a bench or bed?  No
Am I am expert in all things kink, leather, BDSM, whatever…?  No

What I am, and the wife as my partner… well, we might just be experts in trying to go from a vanilla relationship to a D/s relationship, stumbling about a thousand times and still persisting in our efforts to continue to strengthen our bond and connect with each other.

I am sure there are those out there in the “lifestyle” that would laugh and point out all our failures; but I do not believe in failing.  I believe in trying.  I believe that you dust yourself off and go back at it until you find what works for you.

The wife and I read a bunch of books.  Some had some good information, and some had some bad information.  What we never found was a book that really touched on how does a married couple go from the “traditional vanilla” dynamic to a D/s dynamic while maintaining the important parts of the relationship they have already.

So how does one make that shift, without impacting your family, without changing the world your kids know, without impacting friends?  That is both the easiest part and the hardest part for most people (hard for me – easier for the wife).  It comes down to communication.

Step one: You cannot come to this party with an ego.  Otherwise it is not going to work out well.

Step two: Determine what is working well today.  Maybe it is that you spend two hours a day completely focused on the kids.  Do not let go of that.  Don’t impress D/s into that space.  Keep it the way it is.  Even if everyone is equal during that time, then it should stay that way as long as you can.  Your children will remember those times and the if anything both parents should be the “s” to their “D” for much of those family times, creating opportunities for them to grow, learn, and become the adults that they should be.  (Of course that is in the sense of encouraging the kids to make decisions, not allowing them to run roughshod all over you).

Step three: Put together your list of expectations and goals in a D/s relationship.  Maybe this is as simple as “I want to get tied up and I want you to do it” or more in line with “We would like to establish a deeper relationship that allows us to explore and discover together while opening opportunities for discussion and interaction that were difficult for us in the past”.  Remember when I said leave that ego at the door?  This part is about communicating and working through those things that did not work as well as those that did.

Step four: Did I mention you cannot bring your ego?  Well guess what.  Being a Dominant and learning the ropes is not easy.  You will stumble, you will make your submissive mad.  You will try to be too tough.  You will flip that over and be too soft.  It is a learning experience.  Make it such; and enjoy the ride!

Step five: Here is the good news, if you remember to keep your focus on your kids like parents should and you add in the additional focus on relationship and find those times when you can play.. your relationship will get stronger because you are pushing boundaries and trying new things together.

Of course that is successful because you are talking, you are sharing, and you are keeping to the limits that you have established.  If you as the dominant decide to go out and pick up a second submissive, and your wife is against the idea – that is not communicating, it is not part of a healthy relationship; and it likely to cause trouble.  Now if your wife is into that, I say go for it!  Explore and push all those boundaries you can!

Erotic Story: The Suprise

Business travel can sometimes carry a surprise or two while on the road.  Most are mundane trips to and from some office or plant.  I provide some service, training, or resource help and then return home.

This trip was not much different; at least until I was headed home a day early.  The schedule had called for me to return Saturday morning but there I was sitting in seat 4A on final approach Friday evening.

I grabbed my bags and hit the highway to surprise the wife and kids.  They were likely to be sitting around in the basement watching some Disney show or a movie and I would be able to get all the way downstairs without them being aware I was there.  It would be a great surprise!

I arrived home and found it dark and quiet.  No TV could be heard and I got the suspicion that the kids were not home as their shoes were missing from the closet.  A sure sign they were spending the night at one of the grandparent’s homes.

That is when I heard the soft moan float down from the second floor.  I followed the sound, stepping lightly up the stairs and down the hall.  My mind was racing, wondering what was going on.  Had my wife fallen asleep with a movie on?

As I came around the corner and could see into the master bedroom I saw my wife.  Her body turned away from the door and one of my dress shirts hanging open off her shoulders as her hands disappeared between her thighs.

I froze there in the hall, watching the show, after all it is not every day you get to catch your wife masturbating!

Another moan escaped her lips as her hands continued to explore, sliding back up her body.  It was at that moment that another pair of hands slid up her legs.  Long fingers ending in bright red polished and manicured nails caressed my wife’s thighs and drew lines down her legs as she shivered at the touch of those fingernails.

My wife collapsed backwards onto the bed as brunette hair rose up from where it had been hidden.  Below the hair was a pair of brown eyes and the soft features of the woman from down the street.

I tried to remember her name but my mind was no longer working.  As her tongue traced an invisible line up my wife’s thigh there was nothing I could do but stare.

Had I been forced to speak I may have managed a few monosyllabic grunts but at that moment every thought was drowned by the vision of my wife’s hands curling our neighbor’s hair and pulling her against that shaved pussy.

I felt the bulge growing in my pants, desiring freedom, desiring the two women before me; but I was like a deer caught in a pair of headlights, I stood there and watched.

As the neighbor’s tongue slid between my wife’s folds their eyes locked and then my wife’s back arched.  A growl escaped her lips as she pushed into the brunette’s mouth and pulled her deeper.

Hands slid across my wife’s 36C breasts as she tangled her hands in the head of hair between her thighs.

Their moans mixed together as my wife twisted and rolled against that tongue on her clit.

Then she exploded, soaking the neighbor’s face as she came.  The scream was primal, deep, and needy.  It was dammed near enough to make me cum right there in the hall.

A groan escaped my lips, I did not even realize it had happened until the activity in the room stopped and they looked up at me.  My wife upside down, the look of ecstasy on her face slipping away to confusion; but I took no chances and stepped into the room and pushed my cock into my wife’s mouth before she could say anything.

I started to pump into her and the look of confusion slipped away as she eagerly accepted my cock.

The neighbor had become frozen in place.  I leaned over and pulled her to me, kissing her while my hands explored her tits, pulling at each nipple, feeling the differences between her and my wife.  Then I whispered in her ear and she smiled.
Stepping away from my wife I realized she already was armed with what I had asked.  A massive dildo was hanging off a belt around her waist and she started to slowly push it into my wife.

At the intrusion into both ends of her body, my wife became wide eyed and started to moan around the length of my cock. She had always talked about how she found the neighbor attractive but I never thought she would actually act upon it, and never would have believed that I would catch the two of them together.  But those thoughts and concerns drifted away as my wife pulled my cock out of her mouth, looked up at me and spit onto my tip and pulled it back into her mouth as her mouth and throat started to vibrate around my shaft.  Her eyes rolling back into her head as the neighbor and I fucked her.

As I watched my wife cum again, grinding herself against the neighbor’s hips I pulled my cock out of her mouth and moved around the bed.  Sliding my hands over the neighbor’s body I pushed her down against my wife and pulled the support straps for the dildo to the side.  Her juices dripped off of the leather, leaving it slick to the touch as I lowered my mouth to her waiting pussy.  She was now slowly sliding in and out of my wife’s soaked pussy which made it easy to match her rhythm with my tongue.  At first letting it slide across her waxed mound, teasing her lips.  She shivered as my tongue slipped past her lips and slid the full length.  Then pushing past the puffy, sticky outer lips I burred my tongue inside her as she slammed back into me.  That was almost enough of a surprise to knock me over; but I recovered quickly and pushed her back down on my wife.  Slipping my fingers inside her, I let her juices soak them and then slowly slipped one digit inside of the wife’s tight asshole.  My other hand held the neighbor down as I attacked her cunt in earnest.  Lapping at her clit and cunt as I fingered my wife’s ass – the dildo still burred inside her.

Neither girl could move much, my wife trapped below the neighbor and her trapped by my hand as I flicked my tongue against her clit.  Slapping at it over and over, letting it dart inside her, and then tease her ass.  Tonguing every available space.  I felt her body go tight just as the orgasm took over.  She screamed and pressed her face back against me.  I lapped up her cum and then let my hand fall down her back to play with her ass.

As she came down from her orgasm, I stepped back and told her to lay down on the bed.  Then I helped my wife up and kissed her deeply, letting her taste the flavor of the neighbor; and I knew then, as my wife’s tongue ran along my lips sucking the neighbor into her own mouth that this was not the first time she had known that taste.

I turned the wife around and had her climb onto the dildo, still standing proud.  Gleaming with my wife’s juices it was looking straight up at the ceiling as the neighbor was laying on her back now.  My wife straddled that big fake cock and started to impale herself on its length.  Soft moans escaping her lips as she devoured that fake cock inside her cunt.

I reached into my bedside table and pulled out some lube, letting it drip onto my fingers I then circled them around her anus and let them slip inside her, lubricating that tight space.  Then I liberally applied more to my cock and got behind her.  Pushing her down on to the neighbor I put my cock against her.  She stopped grinding on the dildo as she felt me push my way in.

The feeling was intense.  The toy was filling her pussy, and I could feel it against me as I slowly slid inside that ass.  My wife growled and started to push herself further down both cocks.  I reached up and grabbed her hair, wrapping it around my fist as I started to pull her towards me.  Watching my cock disappear into her depths.  Listening to the sounds desire slipping from her lips.

It did not take long, the sensations were simply too much.  Coming home and seeing two amazingly sexy women in my bed, tasting the neighbor, and feeling that second cock inside my beautiful wife.  I ground deep into my wife’s ass and let my cum fill her, letting out my own groan as my cock pulsed inside my wife’s ass.  Moments later she collapsed as an orgasm swept through her body.  The scream that escaped her lips was a deep and guttural “Fuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkk”.

We collapsed into the bed, sweaty, panting, and exhausted and the next thing I saw was the sun shining through the window.  I got up and found my wife siting at the kitchen table.  We smiled at each other and she laughed.

“She will be back this evening”

“Shit” I thought, I may never know her name…

Finding my way through the grey.

While D/s has taken a bit of a backseat for us over the last few months there have been moments where we were able to step into our roles and relish them.  As I have stated in the past, as a black and white thinker I have a hard time when things are in the grey…and that has where we have been for a very long time.
But I realized that D/s isn’t a black and white issue; most of it is in the grey because what one couples dynamic entails may not work for another.  Similarly our D/s dynamic may not seem true to others or it may even seem to be ideal to others.  Life controls our path and sometimes it leads us away from where we want to be.

Then over the last few weeks life took me to a terrible place that I haven’t experienced in some time. In a six day period I had two family members and a friend pass away and while dealing with my grief I was also fighting illness that left me feeling very much like I did when I had mono. I couldn’t deal with much and Daddy ordered me to bed for most of that time in order to keep my sanity and conserve what little energy I had.

But from this period of chaos came a beautiful thing; I found myself feeling the D/s dynamic we have working to find all this time.  Daddy had truly been my safe place; he cuddled me and protected me, he listened as I sobbed and worried about my family and our future, he made sure that our little family was taken care of by making dinners and taking the children where they needed to be, but mostly he gave and gave without asking for anything in return. I felt so safe, so full and so wanting to give to him in return.

So yesterday I was given roses and these

  in them are instructions from Daddy on how our routines and roles will play from here on.  I was reluctant at first because emotionally I wasn’t sure I was ready to take up our D/s full time but then I realized that I was because I know that we are evolving together and that while life may sometimes make this journey difficult; it is our journey…wherever it takes us and we will face the grey together and make it ours.

His little b