Erotic Slavehood

… It is not that he knows that any flaw in his deportment will be reported to his Master … he simply wants nothing more than to be a tribute to his Master at all times.

– Miss Abernathy

The next line is “… is that not the root of submissive desire?”

This is a great statement for new submissives to ask themselves, are you getting into a D/s relationship because you want the sex (which is also OK) or because you want to show the world that you are your Dominants and that you take such pride in doing so that you let every action reflect that purpose.

Dominants of course, do not escape this either.  Do not reflect poorly on yourself, do not abuse the gift your submissive gives, and do not enter into the idea of D/s because you like hitting people. 

That last one is a good reason enter into a therapist office and talk with them immediately.

Be the individual that your Dominant or submissive deserves; and demonstrate that through your actions 24/7.

3 thoughts on “Erotic Slavehood

  1. Beautiful. Supportive post to this submissive.

  2. toraprincess says:

    ❤️this. My purpose was to find a way to express my devotion after 20+ years of marriage. To show that I trusted him enough for that obey I wouldn’t include before.

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