My Kink

I am a quiet man.  I demand only one thing, your obedience.

My kink is your surrender, watching you change from a mindful, intelligent, caring woman into a cock hungry, single minded, slut  devoid of any desires other than to serve and to receive my gifts.

My kink is your pain, your moans, your decent into subspace.  Your escape from the bonds of reality into the cotton, silk, and steel bonds that I employ.

To the world you maybe a quiet housewife.  To the world you are never a slut.  For me, you are MY slut and that makes all the difference.

My kink, is pushing the boundaries and limits and taking you places you have never been, then watching you swim back from them, helpless in my arms.

My kink, is the bond that holds you to me, the leash that denies you freedom.

2 thoughts on “My Kink

  1. Yes…exactly. Well said!

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