A Question to Submissives

In my never ending quest to gain knowledge I come across a lot of fiction from both Submissives and dominants where the female “slave” truely becomes property.

She is conditioned to live in a cage, to serve as she is told and to not think.  

My question is, if someone came up to you and offered to turn you into a mindless sex object, would that be what you wanted?  This assumes you are not parents or have any other obligations.

What would be your perfect idea of submission?  Would you be equal in many aspects but submissive in others?

What do you feel is important for you to retain?  A job, the unique aspects that make you special, hobbies?

I can imagine that it could be a very peaceful life giving everything up and simply serving.

5 thoughts on “A Question to Submissives

  1. While the concept sounds peaceful and even romantic, I think the reality would be a completely different thing. Since my submitting to my husband, I have actually grown stronger than I ever have been before. I am not mindless, and wouldn’t want to live a life where I was expected to be. We are equals, in every way, I just choose to kneel for him and submit to his guidance and desires. Living in a cage just wouldn’t be for me. Although, it could be a REALLY fun weekend. 🙂

    • sheforhim says:

      I equate that to a weekend at the beach. Where the only thing to worry about is… Well, nothing. I am curious to see how other responses come in, it seems like it would be a minority of women who would want that and even fewer who would express the desire. Given the world’s drive for equality.

      Scientifically speaking, the male and female minds see sex differently. Women want a dominant man on instinct. Now that is not to say that women cannot be dominant or equal, it is simply human biology.

      • I absolutely want a Dominant man, I just don’t want to be considered as sub-human , at least not All the time. 😃
        This has opened an interesting dialogue. I’ll put the question back on you now. Would you want a woman that had no independent thought and was only responsive to your commands 24/7/365?

  2. The cage scenario would make for a super fun weekend! But I don’t think it’s long term sustainable. I have tried living as my Master’s mindless sexual object. Just living to perform services He demands, no other outside the house job, etc. It is fun, but then reality always kicks back in…He gets more busy at work and comes home tired and distracted, kids get sick and need my attention more…real life basically. But yes, it’s a blissful emptying of the mind while it lasts.

    • sheforhim says:

      That is kind of what I was thinking, that short term it would not be difficult; but if you have a job, family, kids, etc. it is just not attainable long term.

      I wonder how many women, if they had none of those things and could do it, would be willing to or would enjoy it after a few years.

      On the other side, it almost seems tedious to me, having to own and care for something that becomes little more than an animal. I like my woman to use her head and to be an active participant in the family, bedroom, and care of the house.

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