Radical Desires by Mark Ramsden

I “finished” up this book yesterday and while I got tired of the ranting of the author overall I feel it deserves a positive review for the first half of the book.  As it continued on the book went from good information with an edge to more of a ranting style autobiograhy.  For example there are even a few paragraphs on the author’s take on London hosting the Olympics.

In the first couple of chapters the author talks about how to get “into the scene” and there are some great chapters on piercing, toys, and clothing options (such as rubber and corsets).

What I had picked the book up to find was some ideas or tips on how to take the wife and My radical desires to the next level.  However this is not the book for that.

I did enjoy the information about a Prince Albert and the book encouraged me to start looking into it.  

Ruth Ramsden’s drawings are unique and add value to the book as well.   So, while I cannot fully recommend the book, if you are looking to learn about the items I listed as positives than this book could be useful to you as a tool to start your research.

What it is not is a “how to” guide with the exception of the diminishing returns chapter.  That is the truth.  As you get into anything the rush changes over time.  Somethjng that seems edgy today will seem old hat in a few months. 

Like anything, you have to keep things fresh and grow.  The author has a very solid point there.

One thought on “Radical Desires by Mark Ramsden

  1. No knowledge is wasted. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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