Commitment and Motivation

A friend of mine texted me this morning looking for advice and motivation regarding strength training and going to the gym.  I just started lifting about three months ago and when I first started I was so intimidated that I made Daddy go with me.  I never thought I would be comfortable enough to go on my own let alone stick with it.  But after He showed me how to do a few things I decided that I needed to have an actual workout plan to follow rather than just trying to show up and work out.  Besides the physical benefits; working out has done wonders for my depression and confidence and I find that when I know it’s a day I have to get to the gym it motivates me to get moving.

But I have found myself wondering if I will get to a point where I reach my goals and will that decrease my motivation to go. I love seeing the strength and definition I have developed in such a short time but I know eventually I will reach a place where I can’t get any more defined and I don’t want to end up with a body builder’s body.  I just want to have a healthy and strong body.

But I have also been wondering about that in terms of our D/s relationship.  We have been going in fits and starts for various reasons and while I know both Daddy and I want to continue this dynamic; for me I find when we are lax I miss the routine and expectations.  We have had conversations lately where we both feel we are falling short and not moving forward.  I have a lot of limits and boundaries that I have not yet let go of and I’m starting to wonder if deep down it is because I am worried that when I do we will reach a place where there is nothing more to push or try (thought I know that is waaayyyy down the road).  What happens then?  Does the motivation to maintain the dynamic decrease because there is nothing more to work towards? Is that why I tend to want to move more slowly than Daddy does because it gives me goals to work towards? Or is it that just like a relationship it is always evolving and there are deeper levels that the goals can work towards.

Here is what I do know; I need this for so many reasons just like I need my workout routine.  It feeds me physically and emotionally.  It helps me with my confidence and depression.  It fuels my love and desire for this man who has given me so much and it makes me feel safe.  Perhaps that is the commitment and motivation I need and someday I’ll have a better answer for myself.
His little b

One thought on “Commitment and Motivation

  1. Just a Gurrl says:

    Fear of flat-lining, of finding the end without any foreseeable more…it’s still just fear, and fear holds you back. Just like you can’t hoard joy, you won’t find fulfillment by trying to ration your present moments.

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