Every Day a Dominance

I am reading the book “Every Day Is a Holiday”  by George Mahood.  It is an attempt to celebrate a holiday every day such as National Work Naked Day or National Ice Cream Day.

These holidays are posted out on lots of different websites; and the book gave me an idea for a series of posts.

The idea is that each day we can work on our dominance or submissiveness to improve who we are as an individual in a relationship.

For me, that means working on my Dominance to better guide the woman who is my submissive.  For me, I view dominance in the same way that I view leadership.  I believe you set a goal and it is up to the submissive to determine how to achieve that goal.

If they elect to not do what they have agreed to it says to me that they do not truly want to be that submissive and that while a series of punishments might help them to correct their actions there is more than enough evidence to contradict that assumption.

So we as individuals have to do our best and hope that our partners will do the same.

My firsts act of this idea was to meditate and focus on… nothing.  The plan was to let things naturally flow and see what percolated to the top.

At first it was a lot of noise, the standard thoughts about the day, how the bank balance was doing, what was the right thing to do later in the day, etc.  The thoughts that run through everyone’s mind.

Eventually thoughts dissipated and I was listening to the sound of my breathing and thinking of nothing at all (at least consciously).  I enjoyed the escape and release from my normal pattern of thinking and when I was done I felt clearer and more focused.

The Dominant a Day lesson is that meditation is not just a submissive tool.  Powerful people all over the world meditate to help them clear away mental clutter.  As a domiant you may choose to use a different pose than what you ask your submissive to maintain; but everyone can benefit from meditation.  It helps us to align and keep our attention on the thing(s) that matter.

Take advantage of the power of meditation to help you be a better domiant and an all around better person.


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