Every Day a Dominance: Day Two

We went to the indoor pool yesterday and I saw a woman in one of those cut side swimsuits.  You have probably seen them or maybe you even own one.  

The problem is that the suit really only works if you are in good shape and have been blessed with an ample upper set of… As my animal health teacher called them, “fat bags”.
If you do not know the swimsuit I am talking about, they look like this: 

They usually require some Photoshopping to make them attractive because your body really has to curve in between the open spaces and let’s face it, not everyone has that supermodel body. 

Anyway, the woman is there with her family or friends and I caught myself judging her based on the swimsuit.

What I thought was not as important as what I realized…  As a dominant, no… as a human being I should look to find the positives in people.  As a dominant it should be my goal is to take a person and help them become better.

It is really the same goal that any leader should have, empowering and improving those who work for us or with us.

That task is a bit modified for a submissive as  we are not only molding them to what they want to be but also what we feel they should be; and usually we are fucking them.  Which might be the key difference between leading in the office and leading at home.

So I looked at the woman and identified some traits about her that were good.  She looked and acted like a caring mother, she had nice legs, she was taking the time to talk to a friend.

I felt better after doing that, I felt less annoyed at the swimsuit maker.  After all, if she liked the suit then I support her decision to wear it.  My preference should have no bearing on her decisions.

Taking that positive approach helped me the rest of the day as well; and finding good things about people is really what we should do no matter what role we play in a relationship.


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