Well, That Could Have Turned Interesting

An elderly woman noticed my public collar as I walked into the gym this morning and was asking me about it; she thought it was very pretty and interesting.

I told her it was made from chain mail and that my husband had chosen it for me.  She didn’t know what chain mail was so I explained it to her.  She looked at it and the Warrior Dash shirt I had on which had the Viking horns on it and said, “Oh, so are the two of you into Renissance stuff”?

I almost said, “No; BDSM”.

But I smiled and said it was just meaningful to us both.
His little b

2 thoughts on “Well, That Could Have Turned Interesting

  1. babygirl140 says:

    That reminds me of a story along the same line, my Sir and i were shopping at Bath and Body Works. An older woman approached us and asked if we needed any help Sir told her no. She then asked what have we been up to? Sir replied.. shopping…. shopping for what?… Nipples clamps… Oh i have a few of those myself. I nearly lost it.

    Attending the Warrior Dash Obstacle Course at the end of April.

  2. If they don’t want to know, they shouldn’t ask. 🙂

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