It’s funny as I look back through the blog and see the different posts about starting over or trying again and I wonder if those are really the right words.

In every relationship, be it two people, a person and a sport, or a boy and his dog, I think that people can get distracted and lose focus.  I suspect this is the reason holidays like Valentine’s Day were created – to help us to remember to focus on those in our lives who are important.

Life, with its up and downs, activities, kids, cats, books, work, and carpet cleaners tends to get us scattered and occupied in ways that make it difficult to achieve some of our goals.

Because of the daily grind we can lose that focus, we can create complexity in our lives. 

It is important that we are always looking to “relaunch” our love life.  To make it something new and exciting every so often.

This is not specific to D/s or even to a vanilla relationship.  It is deeper than that, it speaks to our need to do new things, to try something else, to explore more.  Humans (in general) need to stay active, be creative, challenge themselves so that every day we are a bit stronger, wiser, or just better focused on those things that are important to us.

Sometimes this comes at a cost; and hopefully that cost is worth it.  That cost might be less time spent with some people, less time focused on work, or less time doing your own thing.

If you are lucky enough to have kids and a loving spouse than these sacrafices will almost always be worth it if you are able to focus more on them as a result of a change.

I like the idea of “relaunch”.  I think it should be a part of everyone’s relationship and you should work at always improving.

As Curtis Zimmerman said, our lives are a stage, friends and family must have starring roles!

So I encourage you all to think of ways you can relaunch your relationships everyday.  Maybe it is in a small way like picking a flower for your wife or taking a walk with your boyfriend (possibly not at the same time).

Keep things moving forward, be better tomorrow than you are today.

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