I stole this image from Twitter, which means it is probably on a thousand websites; but it makes a good point.

Judgement of another is a dangerous path.  It is not that far from “I can’t believe they do that in the bedroom” to “I can’t believe that <insert racial slur> was so slow to check me out today.  Typical…”

Our society tends to judge anything that is different instead of looking for the ways to bridge our understanding.  

What if we looked for a way to just not care what others do?  Imagine that world where we could do what we want so that we no longer have to live in fear of being judged.

Now… The one exception is that we have to watch for hate.  We have to protect people from abuse.  A bruise might be a night that was fun or it might be a fist that keeps her quiet.

Friends support friends getting spanked for fun, not hit for anger.


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