Why We Hate

Psych2Go is a great site for some quick psychology stories and factoids.  This is a good one on five reasons we hate.

While the movie, “the Accountant”, is a poor example of what an individual with Autism would act like, it does have a good line in it:

Eventually different scares people.

The book that the movie “Passengers” is based on agrees, the root of all trouble is people that are different.

The article below agrees.  Hopefully others see the problem here we should work on.



A while back the rules page received this comment:

whoever made this bul—– is obviously a narcissistic male and has no f–king respect for women, this is completely sexist and wrong.

To which I responded and had a short discussion with the individual (you can see the discussion in the comments area of the rules page).

Recently, we received a comment from an individual responding to the above comment that I am not going to post but I will paraphrase here:

Just because you do not understand this lifestyle you should not apply your own opinion to those who do.  I worked long and hard to help my husband to dominate me.

I decided against posting this comment for a couple of reasons:

  1. The comment had already been addressed and the individual posting this response had not noticed.
  2. The comment had the word “you” spelled “u”.  Come on people, we can spell the word “you” out.  Spelling it with just the letter “u” makes us look uneducated and does not support your argument, it immediately invalidates it.
  3. It was not as polite as my quote above.

We, as a society, need to stop worrying about the opinions of others.  Stop worrying about if they are going to accept our personal life, and stop trying to push our lives on others expecting them to want to do the same things.

Even if I do not agree with the individual who called me a narcissist, I will be far more successful in a discussion with them if I seek to understand their stance instead of instantly responding negatively to them.

As a society, we have become very split by our opinions, and there are so few people that are willing to bridge that gap.

We have to be better.

Having Trouble Being Dominant?

Try ballroom dancing together.  Someone has to lead.  The experience can help build confidence in yourself, in leading, and you can learn to dance as an added benefit!

Of course it will not directly translate to other things in life, but confidence is a funny thing… develop it one place and you can feel more confident in everything you do or try.

White America

I am proud to be a white American, because I  cannot be a racist.  It is always justified by the actions of the few while I ignore my own “race’s” crimes against me.

I am proud to be a white American, because it is never my fault.  It is not because I did not work to educate myself, it is because an illegal immigrant took my job.

I am proud to be a white American, because my bravery tells me I need a wall to protect my family, not the courage to make friends with my neighbors.

I am proud to be a white American, because this is the home of the free, unless your sexual preference, religion, or thoughts are different than mine.  Then you are blinded by your “rose colored glasses”.

I am proud to be a white American, because my hands are free of the blood I point out is in your history.  My people never forced others into slavery, committed genocide, hung up children because of the color of their skin, or perpetrated hate crimes.
What I really am, is proud to be a citizen of the planet Earth, because I will stand against those who would commit those crimes, no matter what color their skin is; and our time to stand up may be coming soon if those in power continue to refuse to have the courage to listen.