Memories faded in and out of her mind.  she remembered dropping the kids off at her parents house.  she remembered coming home, kneeling, and being lead down the stairs to the dungeon… only it was a basement, with ceiling tiles, windows, even a TV and a game system or two.  Just like any other house.  she remembered telling Him that she needed to feel she belonged, that He had full control and that she wanted to be tied up and then left and used as He wished.

Time had passed, she was not sure how long ago it had been when the ropes had been run around her wrists.  He had been careful to place some cloth under the ropes to ensure that the ropes would not cut too deep.  The spreader bar kept her feet separated and between the heels and having her hands tied far above her head she was too uncomfortable to sleep.  The room was dark and she was having trouble focusing.

There had been no drugs or drinking, that was not playing fair.  However, she could still feel the stickiness of his cum on her face and felt the throbbing of her clit where he had run the vibrator over and over.  She had cum more times then she could count and He pushed her to the edge one last time before dropping the vibrator and walking out of the room.

Looking down, she could still see it there.  A hum coming from it.  How long had He been gone?  Between her legs her pussy twitched.  Feeling the ropes rub at her arms, remembering the sting of His hands on her ass… she could not control herself, she was wet again and started to dream…

Pressure, she felt pressure from some place.   If only she could focus, the ropes had rubbed against her and she had grown tired.  The pressure was intense and pleasant then suddenly a sharp pain brought her back.  The clamps had slid closed around her nipples – the pain she thought – and then she felt His cock slide deeper into her ass.

Muscles clamping down around that cock.  It feels so good sliding in and out.  Where are His fingers? Pain! Oh, the exquisite pain!  His hands grab the nipple clamp chain and pull.

His cock drives deeper.  The chain grows tighter.

Slipping away…

Time passes.  The taste of food has come and gone, she thinks He must have fed her.  A soft moan comes to her ears and she realizes the TV is on.  A woman is getting fucked on the TV.

Looking away.  Porn was never her thing.  Then she hears it, her own voice on the TV.  He is fucking her on the TV.  Eyes betray her, she looks to the screen and realizes she is seeing the events that occurred earlier.  Then she feels fingers sliding between her legs.  No words are said.  The fingers slide across her clit as she listens to herself moan on the TV.

The fingers slide insider her.  Actions betray her as she grinds against His hand.  Moaning along with the TV.  Fingers slide inside.  Across her clit.  Around her nipples.  The orgasm comes hard, she forgets to ask for permission.

The ropes release and she drops to the ground.  Gasping a little at the relief, she finds His cock driven into her mouth.

Hair being pulled, letting that cock slide deeper.  TOO MUCH!  Something insider of her screams it is too much, too deep.  There is spit rolling down her chin.  He does not let up.  He fucks her face over and over.  The realization hits her, permission… I forgot to ask to cum.

Words, he is saying something.  Filthy slut, doesn’t know her place.  He called her a filthy slut.  Part of her hates that word and part wants to be even sluttier.

A final thrust and the cum explodes into her mouth.  Ohhhh… the taste, she hates the taste; but she wants to prove she is a good girl and she takes what she is given.

Catching her breath she begs “Please Sir, fuck me.  Fuck your little slut.”

The lights go out and she is pulled back to her feet.

Silence… she drifts off again.

Bent over, she is bent over the couch.  Not even sure how she got there she feels Him slide into her cunt.  Relief floods through her feeling her Master’s cock inside.   He grinds into her, hands pinching nipples, spanking her ass, and hair being pulled.  This time she remembers to ask and joy erupts as He lets her cum.  The feeling of her cum on His cock makes her happy.

They fuck like that for a while.  Him behind her, pushing deep into her.  The ropes are gone.  Then she realizes that there are candles lit, He has made the perfect light.

Warmth wraps around her and then she feels it.  He cums deep inside her.  The feeling of his cum pushes her over again.  The orgasm comes as she drops into the couch.  Dripping with their cum and spent.  He sits and pulls her to him, hugging her close.

Water, chocolate, warmth fills her.  Sleep comes and she is happy to drift off in His arms.

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